Posted by: Blog Team | November 23, 2010

The Story Of The Yellow Submarine

Every day, thousands of people drive down the A6 between Cromford and Whatstandwell. Along that stretch, many do a double take as they drive by an incongruous yellow submarine.

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This very same sub was used by the A52s last June to win the Parwich Wakes Week Carnival (click here for the info). You may be wondering where it came from and what it’s doing on the A6.

The submarine started life as a trailer to carry canoes. When a replacement trailer arrived, the trailer was converted into the sub to appear originally in the Wirksworth Carnival. Local painter Esther Tyson provided the artwork. The sub came a respectable second at Wirksworth.

Next up, The A52s became Pepper-era Beatles and took it to a new level in the Parwich Wakes Carnival. The result? First prize!

Following this triumph, the sub was returned to one of the guys who built it in the first place. He happens to live on – you guessed it – the A6. There are plans to convert it into something new next year. Rumour has it there will be a footwear theme, but we won’t spoil the surprise….

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