Posted by: Blog Team | September 30, 2011

The Legend of Beürtelœppener

Meet Beürtelœppener, Norse god of refreshment:

According to ancient mythology, Beürtelœppener left Valhalla ten thousand years ago in search of mead and merriment. After many many perils and adventures, he finally settled in Noble Studios where he watches over The A52s.

Beürtelœppener is a demanding fellow. He must be fed crown corks every few minutes or he gets angry and sings Nordic pop songs. The band can only take so much Aha, so we are careful to offer our pagan friend many liquid sacrifices.

Cheers Beürtelœppener!


  1. Only the best for Beurtloeppener I note. He has clearly been influenced by the A52s excellent taste in liquid refreshment!

  2. You’re right Debbie. It’s no accident Mr B settled on A52s HQ as his residence of choice!

  3. is that a speckled hen = animal sacrifice?

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