Posted by: Blog Team | July 31, 2011

Brassington Wickerman

It’s the kind of festival you’d expect to have taken place for hundreds of years: the ancient practice of building a huge effigy of a man in wood and then burning him once the sun has set. Actually, this Brassington tradition is all of six years old! The ambition of the festival has steadily grown over that time – more and more people attend each year and the size of the wickerman increases. This year, Nick Hutty created a wickerman all of 30 feet high!

The band arrived in the late afternoon. Already a pleasant atmosphere had developed. People were making themselves comfortable with picnics and singer-songwriters were gently adding to the vibe with their music. Once again we were lucky enough to have Jim’s son Josh adding rhythm on cajon.

Alex and Olly were helping out. Here’s Alex’s poster – it’s difficult to read, but it says ‘Go A52s go!‘ Nice one Alex!

The organisers had worked really hard to set up a relaxed, enjoyable event. (Thanks Jon, Bee, Phil and all the others!) The atmosphere steadily built.

Wickerman builder Nick had the most magnificent hat. It had been created by Bee. The A52s are secretly jealous!

Just past sunset, it was time to burn the wickerman:

Then we were on:

Chad discovered a wonderful thing. If we sang ‘Bring Us In Good Ale‘, Jon brought us pints! We sang the song several times! Thanks a lot Jon.

We couldn’t see much of the audience out there in the dark, but we think a good crack was had all round.

Once the gig was over, the fun continued. A number of the band had decided to camp overnight. The tents had been expertly put up during the daylight hours.

After the gig it was sausages in bread round the camp fire. The following morning it was…..more sausages and bread for breakfast.

Sausages and bread – the official foodstuff of The A52s:

We all thought Brassington Wickerman was an excellent event. Hope we can do it all again next year!

Thanks to Phil for photos….and thanks to Bee for the frying pan!


  1. Best learn some of these then !!
    You’ll probably need further supplies of sausages & bread to mop it all up

  2. Like your thinking Debbie. Maybe we can learn some traditional banger-munching shanties!

  3. Great photo blogging Ax. Got to be a return to Wickerman in 2012??

  4. just heard from John you wont be making it to wickerman 2012..what a shame!!

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