Posted by: Blog Team | June 27, 2010

Sky Of Blue And Fields Of Green….

If you were somewhere between Pike Hall and Parwich yesterday afternoon, you stood a good chance of seeing a rather incongruous sight. A whacking great yellow submarine was making its stately way down the road. It looked like a scene straight out of Last Of The Summer Wine.

Later that evening The A52s, dressed in moptops and Sgt. Pepper outfits, sang Beatles songs from this very sub as it sailed its way round the streets of Parwich. Note also that Captain Dorothy joined the lads to take command of the colourful vessel.

The reason for these strange activities was the Parwich Carnival – a highlight of Wakes Week when the village comes alive for all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff.

The big idea was hatched over a beer in The Sycamore by a couple of band members and local artist Esther. Esther had the vision and the paint. The A52s had the music (or rather, they had the Beatles Songbook which needed learning…). Big Pete was asked to provide the towing power and the ‘manoevre a submarine through a very narrow gate’ expertise.

On Saturday afternoon, Esther, Big Pete, Lewis and Mike headed off to Pike Hall to pick up the sub. It had been stored in a barn at the farm of Sycamore Steve’s dad. Big Pete soon had it hitched up to his Land Rover and we were off down the country lanes.

The sub took up pretty much the whole road so it was lucky there was not much traffic en route. Lewis and Mike enjoyed warning people up ahead that a yellow submarine was soon to be bearing down on them!

We descended the steep hill into the village without a runaway incident. Big Pete managed to squeeze the yellow bathoscope through a gateway into the courtyard opposite Parwich Hall.

Under Captain Dorothy’s command, the boys rigged the ship with amplifiers, microphones and a generator. Uniforms were donned and the sub was ready for action!

At 6pm, the Carnival commenced. The lads launched into the Beatles Songbook. I Saw Her Standing There….Ticket To Ride…..Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band…..and of course Yellow Submarine. Round the village they went, shaking their moptops for all they were worth. Esther and Big Pete did their bit, making sure the waves were not too choppy and that all the mic stands didn’t fall over.

A small snippet of video was taken as our regal sub sailed around Parwich. Click on the image below to see it:

Now for any of you who are familiar with Parwich Carnival, there is a group of individuals who take the event VERY seriously. The Marshalls are the undisputed ‘Roger Federers’ of Parwich Carnival. They win every year. Many have tried and many have failed to beat this crack team of exhibitionists. Year after year they claim the top prize for their amazing floats. We’re not saying they’re competitive or anything, but here’s a view from the sub of these gifted folk:

As the judging commenced, there was only one question – who would claim the coveted first prize? We knew we didn’t stand a chance so contented ourselves with strumming Maggie May from the top of the conning tower. We were COMPLETELY gobsmacked when we were told that we had won! We were so excited we sailed the sub straight to the pub for a celebratory strum.

Watch out next year Marshalls – we may be back…… 😉


  1. In the words of the other fab four, “day do doant day”

  2. I feel a little bit responsible for some of this… Mike will know why…

  3. Very true! Heather introduced me to The Beatles when I was a nipper. I used to listen to Beatles for Sale and Revolver on Heather’s Dancette record player. You definitely gave me a good musical education H!

  4. Great to see that mother has no intention of acting her age and is still keeping things afloat. It must be the gin. Thanks for keeping her young!

  5. We would never have won without Dorothy charming the crowd Jill. It was wonderful to sail under her command!

  6. […] very same sub was used by the A52s last June to win the Parwich Wakes Week Carnival (click here for the info). You may be wondering where it came from and what it’s doing on the […]

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