Posted by: Blog Team | September 25, 2011

Promises Promises

About a year ago, The A52s were ‘won’ at an auction of promises. It took us a while to find a date when all concerned were available, but last night was that night.

The venue was a fantastic covered area at the property of Mark Bailey near Carsington Water. Mark’s firm supplies dairy equipment to many of the farms in our area. Two of the walls were open to give the gig an outdoors feel, whilst the roof ensured that there were no worries about rain. The acoustics were great and there was plenty of space for all six of us who were playing. Dr Mike had come up from Hampshire and was providing the percussion for the evening. Nicely busked sir!

The audience were brilliant. A great bunch of friendly people who showed they could dance in all sorts of groovy ways! We gave a few new songs their first public outing and seemed to be able to get through them ok.

Many thanks to Janet, Mark and everyone else who showed us such warm hospitality. The refreshments were great and the curry/chilli were delicious.

Hope to see you all again soon from all of us in The Inland Beach Boys!

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