Posted by: Blog Team | July 16, 2011

Fun Fun Fun At The Warslow Beer Festival

The time has come to tell you about one of the best gigs we’ve done this year. It’s difficult to have more fun than the day we played the mighty Warslow Beer Festival. Maybe it was the Summer’s day, maybe the band played well that night….but we kind of think the abundant supplies of fine ale may have had something to do with it! The joint was jumpin.

So here goes…the gig report:

Things got off to a good start when we arrived. We were passed an envelope chok full of beer vouchers. Oh yes!

Things got even better when we discovered we had our own private ‘dressing room’. Inflated band egos were appropriately pandered to. Oh yes!

The equipment was set up, including the all-important microphone stand beer holders:

There was a bit of beer there:

Then we were off:

Jim’s son Josh played with us for the first time on the cajon – a south american percussion tea crate:

The place filled up:

…and more beer was imbibed:

Then things started to warm up:

Chad went for some crowd surfing:

…and recruited a new member into The A52s:

We had a ball…and we think the audience did too:

We’ve been invited back next year…so hope to see you there. You know who you are!

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