Posted by: Blog Team | July 5, 2011

The A52s Wold Tour!

The event of the year for The A52s has undoubtedly been our hugely ambitious tour of the North Yorkshire Wolds. The picture below shows the pretty fishing village of Staithes – a key destination on the Wold Tour. This post will provide the full story on how we got there and more. Hang on to your hats!

It was late June, the days were long and full Summer had arrived. It was time for the tour. The band gathered to pack up the kit:

The tour merchandise was checked out:

Finally, the juggernauts were made ready and the convoy turned North East and set off:

Our first gig was in the bustling seaside town of Whitby. The venue was the George Hotel – second biggest rock venue in the entire town!

The promo machine was in full swing:

Beef Welly had done a cracking job designing the posters:

Once the gear was in the venue, the band racked their brains for a constructive pastime. Suddenly, a bright idea:

Then of course, on to the band knitting projects:

Knitting (in a manly way) was a great way of preparing for the gig that evening:

A game or two of retro Galaxian helped to hone the hand-eye co-ordination:

The band headed out to explore Whitby. Photo opportunities were taken advantage of:

Chad asked The Fat Controller to remove his ear wax:

The band got peckish:

Nighthawks at the diner:

The stage was constructed and it was time to set up:

Then the gig was under way. The A52s delivered a set well appreciated by the folk of Whitby:

Our fee for the gig was a room for the night. A key learning point for the next gig is to ask for a ground floor room! We hauled the gear up two flights of stairs into the hotel room and talked rubbish well into the night. Once asleep, we had an early alarm call from a rather inebriated gent who tried with great gusto to get into our room at 3am. After 10 minutes of door handle rattling and loud cries of ‘I can’t get in! Somebody help me please…..!‘ Lewis decided to give him a word or two of ‘advice’. Probably best not to repeat his words of wisdom here, but it had the desired effect. The gent wobbled off down the corridor shouting ‘It was an honest mistake!‘.  The phrase has entered into A52s mythology.

Next morning, strong cups of tea were needed…

We had a fine room with plenty of space for both members of The A52s and their kit:

The band rider kept The A52s full of energy:

After a hearty breakfast, we left the George Hotel and Whitby…

…and we headed for our next destination: the picturesque fishing village of Staithes. Chad had found us the most wonderful place to stay – a converted Methodist chapel:

The place was nothing short of spectacular. We wondered how he had managed to blag a place of this quality for a rock band to stay in!

You are probably aware The A52s are fond of their hats. The house was well equipped in the hat department, so the band had to try ’em out:

Lewis wasn’t that impressed with the art in the place…

…so he replaced it with his own!

As we were in a chapel, we decided to try out our preaching skills:

Chad was able to do a passable impression….of a chad:

So we all gave it a go:

Photo opportunities were taken…

…and hat trick skills were honed:

It was time to head out and explore the village. We were astounded to find Dr Mike had been living a secret life as a builder in Staithes!

We found the iconic Cod and Lobster pub down by the harbour – our venue for Saturday night:

We chilled by the harbour…

…and found the world’s narrowest street:

We bumped into Popeye!

We then found The Captain Cook…our gig venue for Friday evening:

The band had a pint or two and tried out some honky tonk on the pub piano:

Tin roof!! Rusty!!:

Back to The Pad to make a pre-gig tea:

Wold Top and sausages! Who could ask for more…?

…well, we could! We demand Crispinoes with our tea!

The gig in The Captain Cook was great fun. This pub was the place where the locals went rather than the more ‘touristy’ establishments nearer to the harbour. We played a well-appreciated set, enjoyed the fine ales on offer and chatted with the people of Staithes.

The next day, we relaxed in a number of ways. The ‘beanbag flop‘ was one of the most popular:

The ‘park bench snooze‘:

The ‘couch potato‘:

The ‘casual drape‘:

The ‘cuppa lift‘:

The ‘nose in a book‘. Chad read a book on painting and then gave Lewis some advice on how to do it:

Cosmopolitan coffee was taken down by the harbour:

Some of us did a spot of work. Mike learned a song or two composed by Jim:

We filmed and recorded a couple of songs as we had the perfect location in our beautiful building:


We needed to drum up some trade for Saturday night’s gig. Time to hit the streets:

The paparazzi were out and about:

Of course the local ice cream had to be sampled:

 We used the beautiful location for some promo shots:

An arty photo or two were taken:

We filmed a video of ‘White Winter Hymnal‘ down by the sea:


Then headed back up through the village:

Chad’s folks had decided to pop over. We bumped into them taking refreshments up in the village:

We had time for a bite to eat before the gig:

Promo T shirts were ironed to perfection. Rock ‘n’ roll!!

The gear was shifted down to the mighty Cod and Lobster:

We had an excellent gig at the Cod and Lobster. The crowd was fun and given all the practice we were getting, we played pretty tightly. All in all a very enjoyable set. Thanks Cod! Thanks Lobster!

The next day was our ‘day off’. Time to swim ‘n’ surf!

‘Three bean soup’:

It wasn’t freezing at all!

Chad found an innovative way to use his beer holder!

Excellent fish ‘n’ chips were supplied by The Cod and Lobster:

And that was the end of the tour. On our way home, a number of us stopped off at Saltburn to sample the delights of the pier and its attractions:


No sleep ’til Parwich!!


  1. Brilliant photodiary!
    Is next year’s tour planned yet?

  2. Ahh, a happy napping… good times.

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