Posted by: Blog Team | June 18, 2011

The A52s Wold Tour!

At 410 miles long, the A1(M) carves a vast swathe through Mainland Britain from its source in London Town all the way up to Edinburgh in the frozen North. Numerous settlements have become established along its fertile hinterland. This mighty road has proved a source of fascination for The A52s, who have an almost obsessive interest in the A roads of Great Britain.

Little wonder then, that over a pint of Double Hop and a dish of crispinoes, the band decided to embark on a great adventure. A plan was hatched to sail up this great road, through the rolling hills of the Yorkshire Wolds to the craggy coastal cliffs of North-East England. Our mission: to provide folk-tinged rock to the people of this remote area. The A52s are going on tour!

Our tour manager, Chad ‘Harvey Goldsmith’ Bean, has organised a punishing four venue itinerary. The tour will kick off  in the bustling seaside town of Whitby, moving on to the beautiful fishing village of Staithes. We will eventually return, exhausted but elated, to Parwich – the A52s heartland – for a triumphant homecoming pint.

The tour t-shirts have been designed by our Singapore-based graphic designer Beef Welly (thanks Beef!). Withnail has been packed. We are so looking forward to it!

More to follow on our big adventure…

No sleep til Parwich!


  1. Nice banner pic Mike, one of the rare moments when not one A52 was napping.


  2. Excellent write up Mike! well done

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