Posted by: Blog Team | June 15, 2011

Riders In The Storm

Sunday 12th June. It should be sunny, right? It is June after all. But no. Instead of playing outside in a beautiful Parwich garden, the forecast said “rain rain rain rain rain”.

The A52s had been booked to play at the birthday party of Rebecca who is a good friend of a couple of members of the band. The location for the do was quickly moved to Parwich Memorial Hall, which is also not a bad location for a knees up. The gear was set up during the morning to get it shifted before the rain set in properly. Lewis, who leads the rock star life, made a special effort to get out of bed. When he arrived, he could have inspired the latest video game character – the Zombie Roadie!

Chad arrived by bicycle looking like he’d jumped in the swimming pool. Pedalling uphill from Wirksworth to Parwich in driving rain is quite an achievement we reckon. Crazy man!

Once set up and sound checked, it was time for a quick wash and brush up, then we were on. As we played, Colin (husband of said Rebecca) provided us with the most glamorous rider in the entire history of The A52s: Each of us has a drinks holder that we attach to our microphone stands. The normal drink of choice for these holders is fine ale. For this gig, Colin filled ’em with bottles of champagne! Now that’s our kind of gig. In the break we ate heartily – there was some amazing food. Nice choccy torte Sue!

Fun gig to play. Lovely people…..and Robert, your vocal rendition will never be forgotten!

Happy birthday Rebecca!


  1. Great entry Mike 😉

  2. In cycling, swimming, and music.
    Tempo, rhythm, and technique are key.

    Champagne helps none of these attributes
    Fortunately music is also about freedom of expression..

    ..& honking.

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