Posted by: Blog Team | June 6, 2011

A Duo Of Weekend Gigs

Last weekend The A52s were pretty much the hardest working band in Parwich. The spangly sounds of guitars and the lilting refrain of sax, accordian and recorder could be heard echoing over the hills of Derbyshire on both Friday and Saturday. Both gigs were outside, making the most of our fine English weather. We do love festival season!

The first gig was for the Wirksworth Twinning Association in Malcolm and Diane’s magnificent garden in Idridgehay. The town was hosting guests from Die in France and Frankenau in Germany. The band did its bit for European detente by playing tunes whilst the glorious sunshine gently set over the hills. We really appreciated Malcolm and Diane’s hospitality – the food was grand and a drop of Wirksworth’s finest ale lubricated the vocal chords. Thanks also to Anna for the organisation.

The very next day was Chad’s birthday, so it was party time! The band got up earlier than is decent for a rock combo. Chad was awake especially early, baking beautiful food with Kathryn. The band arrived at Chad’s place in Wirksworth and set up the kit in the back garden. Members of Chad’s erstwhile band from Liverpool The Laze had been invited as well as many other musically-minded folk, so jamming was pretty much an inevitability. Phil the drummer depped on a snare and high hat whilst we played a couple of sets. Gareth – the brilliant new saxophonist from The Laze – joined Chad to form a two man horn section. Magic!

All in all, a fun, music-filled weekend. We enjoyed it so much we thought we’d do it all over again next weekend….

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