Posted by: Blog Team | May 31, 2011

Band ‘Ping Pong’ At Carsington

The A52s rolled up at Carsington Water midday on Saturday 21st May. We were supporting 750 impressive people who were walking round the reservoir to raise money for the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary Breast Cancer Facility. We were delighted to find a large marquee and a sizeable stage available to play on.

We had decided to make a live recording and so plunged into a fairly ambitious setup. In addition to the usual guitars, mic stands, amps (and beer holders!), we added a 24 track mixer, a multi-track recording facility and a feedback destroyer. It looked the biz!

We were playing with two other bands. Each of us did a set. Then Lewis hit on the idea that we should go on stage with The Gamblers and alternate songs.

This was a great laugh. The Gamblers are a fresh, energy-filled outfit with great musicianship and a cracking frontman. As each song went by, the other band had to pull something new and interesting out of the bag. This gave us both an incentive to up our games. The resulting show was fun to play and interesting to watch. Here are The Gamblers doing their thang…

…and here is a shot taken by Lewis from our vantage point on the stage later in the evening…

At the end of the night, Graeme from The Bowling Green in Ashbourne offered us a barrel containing the beer left over from the event. We were delighted! The barrel was carted back to Noble Studios where valiant attempts were made to finish it off. Graeme – you are an A52s hero!

All in all the event was a goodun. The recordings came out nicely – we may share them at some point in the future. Much respect goes out to Claire and Josie for the amazing organisation of the event. Hope you’ll have us back next year!


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