Posted by: Blog Team | April 30, 2011

A Right Royal Time!

Following a fantastic sunny rehearsal on Saturday afternoon, The A52s headed over to the beautiful village of Atlow to play at the Royal Wedding Street Party. Atlow is tucked away in a lush secluded valley and has a wonderful feel as you come down the hill towards the village. As we drove in, there was the unmistakeable sight of bunting blowing in the wind.

Now wind was something Atlow was not short of on this particular evening! As we arrived, organiser Monty was outside valiantly trying to anchor tablecloths down on the trestle tables. Carrying on the tradition of English street parties down the years, it was decided that we would brave the conditions and set up outside.

News had spread that a street party was on and a reporter from The Stunner had come down. Pictures were taken…so look out for them in next Wednesday’s edition! We decided to put Chris forward as our photographic main man as apparently he’s the good looking one.  😉

Then the band got going. The wind blew and blew. The poor audience shivered away and the band’s fingers steadily froze. One particular gust of wind actually blew a PA stand over. Mike deftly caught the speaker before it hit the floor whilst simultaneously strumming guitar. He should be in a circus! It was after that point that we all decided to move inside and get warm.

By this time, there were quite a few people milling around inside. The band took on the challenge of setting the gear up in the middle of a crowd. In no time at all we were back up and running…and things kicked off nicely. It may have had something to do with the copious amounts of ale on supply from the local Wirksworth Brewery, but we had a really fun crowd to play to. Folk were singing along and one particular chap spent much of the gig dancing on a chair. For those with less balance, tables were cleared and funky dancing commenced. Such fun!

Mr Blue Sky is a band favourite. It builds to this ‘operatic’ bit at the end of the song. As we got there, Chad discovered we had a large bell above our heads. Quick as a flash….we had the grandest ending to this song we have ever heard! We need a bell for every gig…

Great evening! The band thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks to Monty and the other organisers…we were made to feel very welcome and we very much enjoyed the beer, hot dogs and cake. See you at Prince Harry’s do!


  1. A great night.
    Only slightly marred by the fact I just googled The Stunner. Not advisable.

  2. Three pics in The Stunner. superb!

  3. Chris got more pics in the paper than The Duchess of Cornwall! Much respect.

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