Posted by: Blog Team | April 17, 2011

Derventio – Official Beer Of The A52s!

So here’s the story…

Chris and Anne have just moved to a little village called Trusley. Now just down the road there’s the most wonderful of things…a micro brewery! Derventio Brewery ( was formed by John, Pete and Martin and have been brewing since 2006. The name of the brewery is taken from the Roman fort built in Little Chester, Derby around AD52-57, known as Derventio Coritanorum. We’ve noticed that Derventio brews a range of ales in cask and bottle form and also produces various presentation packs holding 3 bottles each, which make ideal Christmas or birthday gifts…and make excellent presents for band members to give each other.

It didn’t take long for our intrepid couple to venture into this establishment to try out some of their wares. They got talking…and The A52s may now well feature in some of the many events the brewery organises. These include:

  • A day with the brewer – enjoy the full experience of the brewing process and the chance to learn about the brewing process and how the beers are create.
  • Brewery tours – available all year round for pre-arranged private parties. The tours are designed to take a minimum of 12 people and a maximum of 30 people. The tour lasts 2-3 hours approx which allows time for small groups to learn about the brewery history and how beer is brewed at Derventio. Later an opportunity to sample the beer is available :-).
  • Private parties – you can hire out the Brewery Tap, where the brewery can provide you with a range of food and drink options and various pub games and quizzes.
  • Bar hire – available all year round for indoor and outdoor events.

The A52s are proud to be associated with Derventio Brewery. A quality establishment indeed!

Derventio Brewery. Lubricating the vocal chords of The A52s


  1. I enjoyed a fine glass of Cleopatra at the Wirksworth carnival, mooching about in the rain waiting for robot Titan to make his entry.

    For the furtherment of human understanding I had to try a few of the fine Wirksworth brewery ales too : )

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