Posted by: Blog Team | February 3, 2011

‘Chad and Dave’ Make Their Debut

Well with two names like that we couldn’t resist the headline!

The band played for the first time with sax/recorder wunderkind Chad Bean as a fully paid-up member of The A52s. Dave ‘The Laze’ Perry guested on bass and showed just what a brilliant musician he is. He even took on frontman duties singing Bad Moon Rising.

Dave Perry - Frontman From The Laze

We were also joined by the Uberlord of The Miners Arms himself – Jon Gowdey on G&L ASAT (for the musos out there). We played everything from folk-steeped oirish hornpipes to badass rock n roll!

The evening was a huge success. How do we know this? Well Jon had to change 7 barrels of beer. Result!

Finally, there’s a serious bit…..Lewis would like to apologise to Anne for blocking her view. He’s terribly sorry 😉


  1. As Lewis is responsible for me having a view to be blocked, he should be more considerate. I will however accept this apology on this occasion.
    (Top gig by the way!!)

  2. We’re thinking of putting Lewis behind the drums.

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