Posted by: Blog Team | January 17, 2011

Another Piece Of A52s Heritage

Mike from the band had a fantastic reunion with an old mate this week. After seven years of failing to write Christmas cards and failing to pick up the phone, he met up with the legendary Nick Drew, who was the drummer in several bands with Mike in his teenage years. Nick brought with him a couple of faded pictures of their band Free Spirit. This photo is from a gig played in the auspicious Burton Green Village Hall sometime in 1978. Be prepared to be amazed as you gaze upon this top notch combo in action…

Mike is second from the left. Note the nifty flares and the height of new wave fashion at the time – a jacket with the sleeves rolled up. Steady ladies!

Note also ‘Lighting Rig 1’ in the foreground – three spotlights mounted on a board from the 1978 version of B&Q. Lighting engineer Deej Brown (far left) is managing the lighting control system – a switch to turn those spots on and off. Boy things were complex in those days!


  1. That is totally fn awesome! Did you know that you still stand in the same way when you play? Were you playing the theme from Dukes of Hazzard BTW.

  2. Starsky & Hutch actually 😉

  3. But you still have lighting rig 1

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