Posted by: Blog Team | December 24, 2010

Christmas Gig At The Sycamore

It was the 23rd December and all was quiet. For a while anyway…

The A52s packed the gear up in the snow and loaded their fleet of 18 wheeler pantechnicons. The band climbed into the tour bus and drove the 300 yards to their equal favourite Parwich venue – The Sycamore. (Don’t worry Legion. We love you just as much!)

Touring is difficult and life on the road requires a mental toughness. To pass the 30 seconds required to get to the venue, The A52s read half a page of Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas and watched 10 seconds of their favourite surfing film.

The gig itself was brilliant. The band was joined by saxophone/recorder maestro Chad Bean who (rather sickeningly) picked up every song as we went along. Up until recently, Chad was in psycience fiction prog cheese rock band ΤΗΞ LΔΖΣ. Their profile describes their music as “Sexy stories that the Alpha mother dwarf recounts in her catacomb while the gods crack mountains in the barren surface of a demon-ridden world”. And all that before a gig in Bottom Shed!

The band had ‘learned’ a number of Christmas songs. This is is rather a loose term – in fact, a couple of the guys spent a few minutes seeing if they could play something loosely approximating the original. Boy we were on fire! Merry Xmas (War Is Over), Merry Christmas Everybody, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town to name but a few. The highlight of our Christmas repertoire was The Fairytale Of New York, expertly sung by Val S and Tony M. Nice one!

Credit must be given to the children of Parwich, who turned every tune we did into a Christmas song by supplying the jingle bells. It all felt very Christmassy. Special mention must go to our (now regular) uke player…

Now that’s what I call playing!


  1. Chip off the proverbial !

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