Posted by: Blog Team | October 31, 2010

Origins Of The A52s

Have you ever wondered about the origins of The A52s? When did they form? Did they know how to play their instruments before they met?

Well, we can reveal that the highly skilled A52s bandcraft you hear today has been honed through the generations. Strumming skills have been passed from father to son via a long, arduous apprenticeship system.

The original A52s were formed in 1552. Membership of the band has been passed along family lines since this time. Over the centuries, the band became well known and was highly respected amongst the owners of Derbyshire hostelries. The skills passed from one generation to the next have developed along the way. Fathers have taught their sons how to string an instrument, how to make that agonised face when you’re doing a guitar solo and, most important of all, how to snort crushed asprin from a bald midget’s head using fifty pound notes (Note: this has been an essential band skill for centuries).

A recent discovery in The British Library unearthed rare footage of The A52s from an early generation. The footage has been carbon dated and is estimated to have been recorded around 1992. We are privileged to be able to bring you this footage. Note the period costume and the popular fashion of the time to grow copious amounts of facial hair. We’re proud to be a link in the grand chain that is The A52s.


  1. There was no need for that… I’m just back from Afghabastkurdibekistan and suffering PTSD. I was a long way into my recovery, then this. I may never sleep again.

  2. Sometimes you just need to confront your fears. Consider it as group therapy!

    • Very good!

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