Posted by: Blog Team | October 23, 2010

Unplugged In Hollington

Three members of The A52s headed for The Red Lion in Hollington yesterday to play a laid back acoustic set. The pub was cosy and friendly and according to Lewis serves good pies. (We were glad he managed to stay awake for the set!).

We really enjoyed the evening. People were friendly and we had an international audience in the shape of Michèle, Christian, Jack and Christel from Switzerland. We’re considering adding an alpine horn section!

Enjoyed chatting to the bloke who was also in a band – particularly as he’d been filmed breakdancing live by the BBC! We are not worthy!

Thanks Terry for the opportunity to play. Hope to see you again soon.


  1. Bet they have real beer! Who won at Crispinoes?

  2. Lewis trumped us both with a dry roasted double 6. It was so unfair we ate his crispino.

    Fancy a beer later this week?

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