Posted by: Blog Team | September 26, 2010

Drum Risers & Hula Girls

“Right!” said the band. “We’re playing the most impressive village hall in christendom….and it’s the official opening day. We better put on a show!”.

The set was built bottom up. First we constructed the very first drum riser we’ve ever had. Magic! Then the flashing spotlights, then the whacking great searchlights on tripods. The whole lot was topped off with a brilliant (yes folks, brilliant!) backdrop, beamed out on a massive projector. We had swirly things going on. We had hula dancers doing their thing in time to the music….and surfers battling with massive Hawaiian waves. Andy – you’re a lighting man genius!

We also had a highly talented 6th member join the band on uke. What a performance, what a star!

Those lights were sooo cool (in a hot sort of way). They addled Mike’s brain so much he started songs in whatever key he liked. It sort of explained the looks of horror from the rest of the band!

Whilst the sound and light extravaganza whooshed on, the good folks of Parwich took to the floor.

We rather like this hi-tech approach. The only downside is the cracking down of the kit at the end of the show, filling up the pantechnicons with gear. Anyone fancy being a roadie?

Next time, it’s got to be inflatable pigs, a spaceship and Spinal Tap pods!

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