Posted by: Blog Team | September 14, 2010

The ‘A100s’ Play The Wirksworth Festival

The band had a brilliant time at the Wirksworth Festival. The weather was good and Tom and Caroline allowed us to play in their beautiful Stable Block courtyard for a second year whilst Lewis exhibited his paintings in the gallery space.

The band played five slots over the two days, including ‘away’ gigs at Hatfield Farm and the Memorial Gardens. Here’s a shot of the real core of the band playing in the true heart of the town…

During the weekend, we joined forces with other musicians to jam, which was lots of fun. We played with talented singer songwriter Carol Fieldhouse and also Nottingham duo Article 48. Band maths follows:

Article 48 + The A52s = The A100s

Here’s a couple of videos showing the The A100s doing their thing. The first video features ‘Witches & Wizards’ and the second showcases ‘Bamboozled’. Both songs were written by Article 48.

…and of course here are The A52s in full effect playing Maggie May…

What a way to spend a weekend! We need to go to work for a rest!


  1. I saw Carol Fieldhouse in Chesterfield last night.
    She did a fantastic set supporting Ashley Hutchings and Ken Nicol.

    Sounded like she really enjoyed jamming with the A52’s last September : )

  2. Carol has a real talent – both in her playing and her songwriting. We really enjoyed ‘contributing’ to her songs. Hope she can make it back to The Courtyard next September!

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