Posted by: Blog Team | July 15, 2010

In The Studio

Last Sunday the band rose early and headed to the wonderful Meadow Farm Studio to record some of our songs. It was about time we had a decent recording – and this was going to be fun!

Studio boss Stewart Field has made extensive modifications to his house to accommodate the recording facility. The main area comprises a recording room, a drum booth and a control room. Walking into the studio, there is an uncanny silence all around you as all surfaces are covered in acoustic panelling to absorb the sound. There’s a sort of ‘pressure’ on your ears and you can shout at the top of your voice and not much will happen!

Jonathan was in charge of the mixing console in the control room. He did the most excellent job for us. We only needed the raw recordings as Stan and Mike could do the production work afterwards. The quality Jon obtained in the rough mix was great and was balanced nicely too. Not too much post production needed really.

Stewart looked after the band in the recording area, plugging guitars into DI boxes and setting up microphones for the vocals and instruments and dishing out headphones to us all.

Rob got set up in the drum booth. It was a nice cosy space, made even cosier as Stan located himself in the booth too, so the rhythm section could stay tight.

We went through a thorough sound check, starting with the drums.

Then the guitars were set up and levels checked in the mix and in the headphones.

Vocals were checked too…

When the sound was sweet, Jonathan hit the red light in the studio and we were off!

Some of us were more off than others!

We played our way through 8 whole songs. We had targeted doing 5, but found we made better progress than expected.

At the end of each ‘decent’ take, we scuttled into the control room where Jon played back the song. An intense discussion then would ensue amongst the band on whether the take was good enough.

By the end of the day we were knackered! It takes a lot of concentration and a fair amount of playing and singing to get a bunch of songs right ‘n’ tight. We were delighted with the results of a hard day’s graft. No doubt we’ll be back to the studio soon to do some more songs. The triple concept album cannot be far away!

If you would like to hear the results of the day, click here or click on the ‘Our Songs’ tab just below the banner picture for this website.


  1. OK-OK-OK-OK we’ve had a committee meeting and you’ve earned ‘some’ discount on a re-book…………..not a lot!!!
    Seriously though thanks for the kind words, you were a pleasure to work with and we wish you all the very best with all and any of your future ventures. We’ve put a link up from our site, hope it works well for you.

    Stewart & Jonathan.

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