Posted by: Blog Team | May 31, 2010

A52s Set To Save National Pride

The A52s were gutted at the national humiliation heaped upon the UK at last Saturday’s Eurovision Song Contest. Last place? How could such a thing happen???!!

So we’re going to do something about it. The band have decided to enter the competition next year. Ice caps have been applied and we’ve been busy writing the perfect Eurosong. The working title is ‘Liggi Doo-Liggi Dey!‘ which is catchy and also means ‘Hiya babe!’ in Romanian. This is a great stroke of luck.

We’ve also been modelling our Euro-look. This is a very important factor in Eurovision land. Lewis and Stan have been growing their hair and Mike has been growing his beard. The picture below will give you an early glimpse of our fashion statement. Please feel free to comment and offer constructive advice on our ambitious bid to beat the Germans.

Keep it real and stay fresh Europop pickers!

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