Posted by: Blog Team | May 29, 2010

A52s In The Studio

This band is so much fun! It’s as if we made a list of the things that real rock stars do and we’re busy checking them off…

  • Play an open air gig at a festival……check!
  • Record a radio interview……check!
  • Get a stalker……check!

There’s one item on the list that until now we haven’t cracked:

  • Lay some tracks down in a real recording studio.

Well, in July the band will do exactly that. Studio time and professional engineers are booked. We’re all immensely excited as it means the first A52s CD will follow shortly afterwards. Think of your Christmas lists everybody!

After that, we’ve only got a couple of things left on the list:

  • Chuck a telly out of the window
  • Get a freakily-painted transit van
  • Develop an expensive absinthe habit
  • Write a rock opera

We’re working on it folks……!

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