Posted by: Blog Team | May 23, 2010

Storming Night at the ‘School Disco’

The A52s performed to a house full of bopping ‘schoolgirls’ and ‘schoolboys’ last night at Brassington Village Hall. The occasion was a School Disco night to raise funds for Wakes Week which will take place at the end of July.

It was quite a night with dancing from the word ‘go’. In fact there was so much dancing, the band ditched all their slow songs and concentrated on the faster stuff. We’ve no idea how you managed to dance with so much school grub in your tums! It was great fun to play for such a lively bunch – you were a cracking crowd!

Thanks to Jan, Keith and all who organised and cooked the food. The band were fed and watered with Leatherbritches ale so we were as happy as larry. The pink custard must get a special mention!

We think a few gig pics will be emailed in, so we will add some more photos to the website when we get them. Watch this space…

We understand the event raised quite a few hundred pounds and that Brassington reached its target funding for Wakes Week. Not a bad result!

All the best Brassington…and have fun at Wakes Week!

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