Posted by: Blog Team | May 1, 2010

Singin’ In The Rain

The sun shone brightly on the morning of Sunday 25th April as Dr Mike rose early and drove Oop North to play drums with the band. Meanwhile, Lewis and Mike made their bleary-eyed way to The Green to assemble ‘The Pyramid Stage’. These large marquees are pretty difficult things to put up with just two people, so two unsuspecting walkers were press-ganged to help. Shortly afterwards, Chris and Stan arrived and the stage was set.

A brief rehearsal took place in The Studio, accompanied by Lewis’s delicious roast ‘n’ ground coffee. Aaaah – that was better!  The band realised it was on good form – it’s a great feeling when you’re all on the same wavelength and the songs just seem to play themselves. We knew we were going to have a good gig….

Careful not to peak too soon, the equipment was cracked down and a small convoy of ‘pantechnicons’ drove the short distance to The Green. A brief sound check later, we were ready and the Fair On The Green got under way.

Plenty of people turned up and much fun was had. Stan had ‘encouraged’ quite a few people from Rolls-Royce to come along – thank you for making fairly long trips. Lewis’s brother also came along – cool to see you there!

Mike (and many others) particularly enjoyed chucking wet sponges at Andy The Vicar, who had brought down a pair of stocks!

Following a little liquid refreshment, the band launched into the set. ‘Happy Birthday To You’ was sung to Heather H, who had just turned 17.

We got about 45 minutes through the first set when the heavens opened! People scattered for the various marquees to gain some shelter! We were amazed to see we still had an audience, albeit squashed up. So we continued playing. (If Cliff can do it, why not The A52s……!). It was slightly surreal singing ‘Shine On’ as the rain poured down outside!

The marquee did its job well. We stayed dry and none of us were electrocuted, which was a turn up for the books as far as we were concerned. The weather improved and we were able to play on until more or less the end of the Fair. We really enjoyed the event. Thanks to everyone who listened.

Heather H took a little snippet of the band on her camera. Here it is for your listening pleasure…..!


  1. Love the shades you’re wearing on such a xxxx weather day!

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