Posted by: Blog Team | April 18, 2010

Bentley Brook Gig Report

The band wolfed their respective teas down, loaded the gear and headed for toe-wrestling mecca The Bentley Brook. Furniture was shifted to make a space for the band to play – blimey this band lark is hard work! The gear was set up and we were ready to folk rock!

We played an intimate gig – maybe a little too intimate in places – you know what I mean if you were there! Stan had put his Les Paul in for repairs and the team of master craftsmen had done a good job.  His end-of-first-set’ solo sounded just perfect.

Both band and audience enjoyed themselves a great deal. Thanks to Wendy for providing us with the opportunity to play and thanks to all who came. Maybe next time we’ll do Je t’aime……..


  1. Sorry we missed the gig. Ron & Lydia

  2. We missed you too….gigs are not the same without you!

    Hope you’re able to make one of our upcoming events soon.

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