Posted by: Blog Team | January 24, 2010

The Bonsall Bash

Gig day is always a good day in the mind of your typical member of The A52s.  This is particularly true when playing The Barley Mow: a special musician-friendly pub with bags of character. We also had the full 5-piece formation available so the sound was going to be oh-so-good!

The band got together on Saturday afternoon to rehearse out the odd wrinkle and to drink Lewis’s excellent coffee. Then it was ‘gear in the car’ time and off to Bonsall. No rain or snow this time….things were going well!

When we first entered the pub, we thought we had arrived on the wrong day as the room was full of tables and there was no room to squeeze in a duo, let alone our 5-piece with space-hungry drumkit! We shouldn’t have worried though, as the end of the room was cleared in no time. We were told that the pub ‘had never had a band as big as ours before’. Of course, we chose to take this as meaning our popularity and reputation rather than the number of members in the band!

The gig was all we hoped it would be. A friendly crowd gathered and the crack was good.  We played two highly enjoyable sets interspersed with the obigatory beer break (well, we were in a pub after all!). It was brilliant that Ron and Lydia kept up their 100% gig attendance record. Dorothy came too which was wonderful.

Thanks to everyone who came, danced and generally had a good time. It was a true pleasure to play for you. Hope to see you again soon!

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