Posted by: Blog Team | January 4, 2010

Happy New Year from The A52s!

Hope you’ve had a cool Christmas break. We’re back practising this week so it won’t be long before we’re gigging again…

We thought you ought to know that The A52s are now playing with some very fine musical instruments indeed! Guitars are very difficult to fit in stockings, but Santa found a way to make it happen for two of the band. We’ll be sounding as sweet as a 2 kilo pot of honey next time you hear us!

Firstly Chris will be sporting a beautifully-crafted electro-acoustic mandolin next time you seem him. Imagine Losing My Religion on this baby!

An electro-acoustic mandolin, yesterday

The excitement doesn’t stop there!  Lewis is the proud owner of the sleekest, richest-sounding electro-acoustic guitar. As Lewis is an artist who is acutely aware of the need for colour co-ordination and harmony between objects, he had to have the black lacquered model to match his black lacquered ukulele. We’re sure he’s taking this too far….

Looking forward to playing for you soon…with a new colour co-ordinated sound!

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