Posted by: Blog Team | December 6, 2009

Stompin’ At The Sycamore

Saturday’s gig in The Sycamore was great fun to do. Thank you to all who braved the rain to come along! (By the way, why does it always rain when you’ve got to shift the band gear?!)

We were particularly chuffed that the Fairweathers made it over – that’s dedication! We also enjoyed the dancing on the seats from the crowd in the corner (you know who you are! 😉 ). We premiered a few new songs…we like doing ‘Make Me Smile’ as it seems to fit our playing style very well. It was also cool to gig in public with Stan for the first time….he did a surprise solo in She’s Not There! Phew!

We’re having a break for Christmas and New Year (family stuff…you know!), but will be back in the early new year. Look out for info on our upcoming appearance on Radio Ashbourne. Boy are we getting big-headed about that one!

Click on ‘Read More’ for more gig pics…

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