Posted by: Blog Team | September 26, 2009

The Barley Mow at Bonsall: what a night!

The band just had the most amazing evening. We wanted to play through our set and decided to do it in the pub rather than in Lewis’ artist studio which serves as our rehearsal room. There was too much going on at The Sycamore, so almost randomly Mike H rang the Barley Mow in Bonsall.

Barley Mow

Mike had been there once or twice and knew they hosted live music. The pub has a nice village ambience and is a lovely stone building. It turned out to be the best random choice ever!

We arrived at 8pm and played to an appreciative audience for an hour or so. A couple there had seen us at Wirksworth Festival, had liked us and stayed specially to listen – thanks for your support!

Then around 9pm, other people started arriving with instruments. Alan the landlord (who is a good musician himself) ran a music night on Fridays and around 20 musicians turned up. We’d actually picked the final night of Alan’s landlordship after 18 years at the helm, so it was rather a special evening. The night just took off. We took it in turns to play songs, sing shanties, recite poetry and jam some great songs. The new landlord and landlady are also musicians and played a couple of mean duets themselves. We were all in heaven. Played and played, then went home in a dream. We’ll be back there!


  1. What a great comprehensive history of the A52s. Congratulations on a super web site. Fantastic pics. Great sense of the fun generated at the different venues. Roll on the Christmas gig.

  2. unfortunately we could not make it to the barley mow last saturday but we were with you in spirit.

    ron fairweather tells me how good the night was.

    we will look at your website and come and see you when you play a different venue.

    alan and kay
    formerly landlord of the barley mow

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