Posted by: Blog Team | November 9, 2008

Rocking for remembrance…the band’s first gig!

The 8th November 2008 dawned and it was gig day!

The event itself was great fun. It was the nearest Saturday to Remembrance Day so it was once of the biggest days of the year for The Legion. The place was packed with friends and family who provided a nice friendly audience for our first public sojourn. We managed not to completely screw up and people didn’t throw beer over us so we were very happy! There was even a bit of singing going on towards the end….



Part way through, Chris H suddenly had the idea to film us and rushed off to get his video camera. By the next morning, we were world-famous on Youtube. Click on the following links for a record of this historic evening…

The band was formally launched!

Here’s a full gallery of photos from this historic first gig, courtesy of John F-S (thanks John!).

Click on each image once or twice to enlarge it, use the back button once or twice to return to the gallery:

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