Posted by: Blog Team | November 1, 2008

In the beginning…

The A52s story begins in March 2008. As so often happens in history, it was womankind who got things moving:

Lynne: “Wouldn’t it be great to get these men out of the house every once in a while”

Mandy: “Too right! All they do is sit around strumming chords and getting in the way. We should encourage them to have a musical get together. Lewis – ring Mike and Rob!”

And that was that – the Tuesday night get-together started from that point. Initially, it was an informal ‘let’s jam a song or two’ type of thing. We all brought our instruments and sat in a circle drinking beer and wondering what we should play. Each of us had a slightly different musical take on the world:

  • Chris: power-chords and stadium
  • Lewis: 1980s indie
  • Mike: 1970s hippy-esque type music
  • Rob: out-and-out folky

We got lucky over a place to play. Lewis is a well-respected local artist and paints in a studio in the picturesque Peak District village of Parwich. The gang of four were able to make a racket late into the evening without fear of annoying neighbours.

Initially it was a low key affair. We would sit in a circle supping our pints and just jam various things we knew. After a while, we started bringing song sheets along and ended up learning a few songs. The songs we learned were as varied as our musical tastes. Lewis would bring along a song by The Cure or Rob would teach us a jig or a reel. All in all it was quite a mixed bag!

We had all played in bands at some time in our pasts, but for all of us it had been quite a while since we had played in an ensemble. We all enjoyed our Tuesday evenings immensely and it rekindled our collective love of music.

As the summer rolled by, we learned enough songs to consider playing in public. We started to think about a name and eventually plumped for ‘The A52s’. You sort of have to know your bands and your local road system to understand the name. It’s part homage to the amazing B52s and part homage to the rather useful trunk road running through nearby town Ashbourne.

We chose to start our concert career in the world-famous Parwich Legion. We popped in and had a word with Carl the Social Secretary and we were booked! The night was set for Friday 8th November 2008…the mucking around had to stop. The serious song learning began…..

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